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Olympus explains E-M1X

This just in! posted an interview with the VP of Sales and Marketing of Olympus America, Aki Murata, which you can find here. In this interview Mr Murata explains the company’s reasoning behind the […]

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E-M1X and Olympus

So it has happened. Olympus OMD E-M1X is out and the world has reacted to it.

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Preliminary thoughts about Olympus and Panasonic

I am a mirrorless camera person. I used to have an analog camera at one point and I have handled DSLRs but I never really owned or wanted to own one; I’m new to the game, less than 5 years now.
More than mirrorless, I am also a Micro Four-Thirds user. It is the system I have invested heavily in and I am neither fond of juggling multiple systems (with incompatible lenses) nor selling at a loss then buying again from scratch. Or so I think.

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Topaz Gigapixel v2.0 review

If you are a photographer working with Adobe Photoshop you probably have heard about Topaz Labs. I admit I hadn’t used any of their software suites or plugins, but I did come across a Facebook post that talked about Topaz Labs’s A.I. Gigapixel.

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Hi, I am James!

Welcome to my photography website! This is merely a blog about anything photography related that wouldn’t fit properly in my main blog, which is more technical in nature (and less frequently updated).