Landsberg am Lech (April 2023)

Once again, I paid my yearly visit to Munich a few days ago, but this post is not about it. I’ve posted my experiences already, albeit three years old by the time of writing this. […]

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Basel in a Day (June 2021)

Two things happened since my last trip to Munich in the summer of 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic really ramped up and pretty much killed most travel,I bought a car. Even if you lived under a […]

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Back in Black – Munich (July 2020)

Note: This is a very different post compared to what I usually upload here. It involves a retrospective of my past and will be longer and with fewer photos than expected. I have lived in […]

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Lake Constance (Konstanz/Bodensee)

Konstanz (or Constance) is a city in Germany in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg which borders the Swiss town of Kreuzlingen in the Thurgau canton.

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Thessaloniki on Christmas Eve

I found myself back to my hometown during the holidays and I could not help but visit downtown. Here is a brief overview of what I saw: Street musicians I really like seeing street musicians […]

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Zurich Chinese Garden – Part I (December 2019)

One of the things that I like doing is walking around, ideally having the camera with me. Well, that’s mostly true, since in Germany I didn’t really feel the mood to walk around with the […]

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2 Days in Manchester (November 2018)

My friend and former coworker Ntina currently lives in Manchester after leaving Greece about 3 years ago. She visited Munich on August and I repaid the favour this November by visiting Manchester for the weekend. […]

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Zurich Game Show (September 2018)

In September 14 2018 the Zurich Game Show took place. Using this as an opportunity to take photos and visit friends in Switzerland, I grabbed my two cameras and off I went to Zurich by […]

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