Landsberg am Lech (April 2023)

Once again, I paid my yearly visit to Munich a few days ago, but this post is not about it. I’ve posted my experiences already, albeit three years old by the time of writing this. I haven’t posted a gallery or a trip blog in a while, not due to lack of travelling, but mostly due to lack of conviction. This time, I got my camera with me, but I didn’t bother photographing anything in Munich (even with the Frülingsfest raging on).

On the way back to Zürich (by car), I kinda regretted not snapping a single pic, so I thought I’d find a town close to the Autobahn and spend a few hours there. And this is how I ended up in Landsberg am Lech, about 60Km outside Munich.

The biggest problem with not planning a trip, is that 1) you tend to not have enough time and 2) tend to miss important landmarks. This was no different. I could spare about 2h before having to go back to the car and drive home and even in the first 15 minutes I could feel that this was too little time. Oh well!

I parked in a parking lot under a hill. Took the stairs to the top, and started taking photos and walking towards the old town. I had no idea where I was going to go and what I was going to see, apart from a couple of monuments and one of the most recognisable, the Mother Tower (Mutterturm). I’ve tried to add captions to the photos with the names of the monuments and sculptures you’ll see.

By the way, the two wooden sculptures are created by an artist called Josef Lang. Here you can find more information about his art. I ended up at Mutterturm, which was made by an artist named “Hubert von Herkomer” in the 19th century. There was a small garden there and I got the chance to get my 45mm lens out and get a few photos. I had almost forgotten how nice shallow focus photos can be!

I stopped for a coffee at a place called Il BARetto. One of the best Espressos I’ve tried, but the staff could have been a bit friendlier (and also have a card reader). I had a great time there, though next time, I really ought to plan ahead!

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